6cm Wall with Pipe


1 x 6cm Wooden Mine Wall with Doorway
1 x Gabions
1 x Boardwalk Set x3 Pieces
1 x Mine Cart Set B
1 x Mine Corner Room Set
1 x Mine Cart Set C
1 x Thatched Straw Roof
1 x 6cm x 6cm Wooden Mine Floor with Circular Hatch Cover x2
1 x Mine Entrance Set
1 x Wooden Shack Outhouse
1 x Wooden Coffins
1 x Wooden Shack with Tarp Roof
1 x Plastered Shack with Flat Roof
1 x Mine Track Set
1 x Walls and Posts Set
1 x Mine Work Face Room Set
1 x Mine Track End Room Set
1 x Mine Corridor T Junction Set
1 x Corrugated Iron Shack
1 x 2x 3cm x 3cm, 1x 6cm x 3cm Damaged Wooden Mine Floor
1 x Corrugated Iron Roof
1 x Wooden Jetty and Support
1 x 3cm x 3cm Recessed Corner with Pipe Block x2
1 x Starport Floors
1 x 9cm x 9cm Dungeon Tomb Set
1 x 12cm Wall with Exit
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Floor with Drainage Channel and Outlet x2
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'A'
1 x 18cm Wall with Windows
1 x 9cm x 9cm 'A' Pattern Floor Tile x2
1 x 3cm x 3cm Pipe Section x3
1 x Large Wooden Jetty
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Flooor with Small Hole Opening x2
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Floor with Damage x2
1 x 3cm x 3cm Dungeon Paved Floor x6
1 x 12cm Wall with Windows
1 x 12cm Starport Wall
1 x 3cm x 9cm Dungeon Paved Floor x2
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'F'
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Paved Floor x2
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'B'
1 x 3cm x 3cm D Pattern Floor Tiles x6
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Floor with Barred Opening x2
1 x Dungeon Floors Starter Set
1 x 6cm Wall with Exit
1 x 3cm x 3cm Flat Backed Pillar x2
1 x Stone Jetty End Piece
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'C'
1 x 18cm Starport wall with Doorway
1 x Mooring Bouys x3
1 x Wooden Jetty Catwalk Set
1 x 9cm Alley End
1 x 6cm x 3cm Double Cylinder Support
1 x 9cm x 3cm 'A' Pattern Floor Tiles x2
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Floor with Small Trapdoor x2
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'D'
1 x 6cm Wall with Window
1 x 6cm x 6cm Dungeon Floor with Large Grill x2
1 x Small Row Boat
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