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Dungeon Floors Starter Set 1200A Dungeon Floors Starter Set £20.00 Buy Now 0.45
Cemetery Set 2000A Cemetery Set £55.00 Buy Now 1.25
The Gold Mine Set 4000A The Gold Mine Set £95.00 Buy Now 1.70
Mine Track Set 4000B Mine Track Set £11.00 Buy Now 0.10
Mine Cart Set A 4000C Mine Cart Set A £15.00 Buy Now 0.15
Mine Cart Set B 4000D Mine Cart Set B £15.00 Buy Now 0.15
Mine Cart Set C 4000E Mine Cart Set C £20.00 Buy Now 0.20
Mine Entrance Set 4000F Mine Entrance Set £33.00 Buy Now 0.40
Mine Work Face Room Set 4000G Mine Work Face Room Set £33.00 Buy Now 0.40
Mine Corridor T Junction Set 4000H Mine Corridor T Junction Set £17.00 Buy Now 0.40
Mine Corner Room Set 4000I Mine Corner Room Set £22.00 Buy Now 0.40
Mine Track End Room Set 4000J Mine Track End Room Set £33.00 Buy Now 0.40
Sewer Set 4500A Sewer Set £95.00 Buy Now 2.20
Sewer Extension Set 4500B Sewer Extension Set £23.00 Buy Now 0.45
Tech Tunnel Starter Set 5450A Tech Tunnel Starter Set £60.00 Buy Now 1.25
Refinery Starter Silos & Stacks 6000A Refinery Starter Silos & Stacks £40.00 Buy Now 0.80
Refinery Starter Overhead Pipelines 6000B Refinery Starter Overhead Pipelines £50.00 Buy Now 0.80
Pumping Station 6000C Pumping Station £25.00 Buy Now 0.50
Pipeline junction 6000D Pipeline junction £30.00 Buy Now 0.60
Refinery Overhead Walkways 6000E Refinery Overhead Walkways £45.00 Buy Now 1.10

Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]  Displaying 1 to 20 (of 26 products)
1 x Stone Jetty Steps
1 x Flat Panel Monitor x6
1 x Swivel Chairs x5
1 x Checkpoint Barrier
2 x Console Decals 1
1 x Spacesuits in Rack x2
2 x Crowd Control Barriers
2 x Armed Human Technician
2 x Armed Technician Crew. Human Heads
2 x Armed Technician Alien Heads
2 x Armed Technician Crew. Alien Heads
2 x Technician Human Heads
2 x Technician Crew, Human Heads
2 x Technician Alien Heads
2 x Technician Crew, Alien Heads
2 x The Droids!
2 x CD Astronaut Driver
2 x Valley Forge Crew Set
2 x Astronaut Heads
2 x Valley Forge Heads
1 x 6cm x 6cm Laboratory Flooring x2
1 x Rover
1 x Driver for Buggy A
1 x Station Crew
1 x Apes Assault Rifle x5
1 x Apes SMG x5
1 x Apes Command Pack
1 x Ape Assault Force (25 Figures)
1 x Sacrificial Eddie
1 x Adobe Building with Upper Floor and Walkway
1 x Adobe Building with Sloped Upper Floor and Walkway
1 x Adobe Building with Two Upper Floors and Walkway
1 x Adobe Gatehouse with Steps and Walkway
1 x Adobe Long Row of Single Storey Buildings with Walkway
1 x Adobe Damaged Building
1 x Adobe Gently Curved Wall
1 x Adobe Sharply Curved Wall
1 x Adobe Staircase
1 x AGGRO SKirmish Rules
1 x The Firm. Box set
1 x The Extras. Box Set
1 x Hooligans Pack1
1 x Hooligans Pack2
1 x Hooligans Pack3
1 x St Johns Ambulance or Traffic Wardens
1 x Hooligans Pack4
1 x Hooligans Pack5
1 x The Bobbies
1 x Program/News Seller
1 x PC Steel & Rusty
1 x Sid & Nancy
1 x Hooligans Pack 6
1 x Streaker Stedders & PC Crouch
1 x Footbal Terracing A (MDF)
1 x Footbal Terracing B (MDF)
1 x Betty's Pie Hut
1 x Bob's Burger Van
1 x 8.5cm x 8.5cm Battlefloor
1 x Battle Nest 9cm x 9cm
1 x Battle nest with Damage 9cm x 9cm
1 x Battle Chevron
1 x Battle Tower Base
1 x Battle Tower Tall
1 x Battle Gun Turret
1 x Battle Wall Straight 9cm
1 x Battle Wall Damaged 9cm
1 x Battle Wall End Block x2
1 x Battle Wall Buttress
1 x Battle Wall 45 Degree Butress
1 x Battle Wall 45 Degree Angle x2
1 x Refrigerated Unit
1 x Locker Set x5 Pieces
1 x Storage Set x6 Pieces
1 x Bunks x2 with Base x1
1 x Suitrack x2
1 x Shower with Recycler
1 x Regeneration Unit
1 x Medical Couch
1 x Airbed and Stand
1 x Diagnostic Couch
1 x Reception Desk
1 x Weapons Locker x2
1 x Memory Banks x2
1 x Power Junction x2
1 x Stowage Lockers x2
1 x Control Station x2
1 x Officers Bunk
1 x 3cm Blastwall x2
1 x 6cm Blastwall
1 x 12cm Blastwall
1 x 9cm Blastwall with Door
1 x 9cm Blastwall with Window
1 x 3cm x 3cm Blastwall Inside Corner x2
1 x 3cm x 3cm Blastwall Outside Corner
1 x UTI Blast Door / Airlock
1 x Short Straight
1 x Curve
1 x 3 Way junction
1 x Cave End Section
1 x Bug Cave Entrance
1 x Low Tech Bunker Set
1 x Low Tech Bunker End
1 x Low Tech Bunker Middle
1 x Low Tech Bunker Roof
1 x Box Containers x2
1 x Upright Octagonal Containers x3
1 x Ammunition Cases x8
1 x Octagonal Flat Cases x2
1 x Upright Hex Cargo Pods x5
1 x Wooden Crates x5 Set 1
1 x Wooden Crates x3 Set 2
1 x Upright Hex Containers x6. Two Types
1 x Plastic Kegs
1 x Small Box Crates x2
1 x Pressurised Gas Cylinder
1 x Pod Crates x2
1 x Accumulators x2
1 x Replacement Pipe Stacks x3
1 x 4 Cylinder Paks x2
1 x Radioactive Kegs x6
1 x Lipstixs x4
1 x Domed Hex Pods x3
1 x 5cm Barricades x2
1 x Spacesuits in Rack x2
1 x Rock Pool
1 x 8cm Hex' Rock Wall 3 Variants
1 x 8cm Rock Wall Set x3
1 x 8cm Hex' Rocky Outcrop
1 x 8cm Hex' Rocky gap
1 x 8cm Outcrops / Sangers x3
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Wall 3 Variants
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Outcrop Wall with Gap
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Wall with opening
1 x Rock Outcrop Edges x2
1 x Straight Outcrop
1 x Curved Outcrop
1 x Single Hex' Pillars x2
1 x 8cm Hex' corner Piece
1 x Single Hex' Rocks x2
1 x Cave Entrance A
1 x Cave Connector
1 x Cave Dungeon Connection
1 x Cave Entrance B
1 x Cemetery Set
1 x Crypt Building
1 x Large Memorial
1 x Mixed Memorials x4
1 x Tomb with Alternate Lids
1 x Chest Tomb x2
1 x Headstone Slabs x5
1 x Upright Headstones x8
1 x Small Headstones x12
1 x Grave Plots
1 x Short Cemetery Cinder Pathway x2
1 x Cemetery Pathway junction
1 x Cemetery Cinder Pathway Corner x2
1 x Cemetery Cinder Pathway End Piece x2
1 x Long Cemetery Cinder Pathway
1 x Cemetery Gates
1 x 3cm Cemertery Corner Wall x2
1 x 12cm Cemetery wall x2
1 x 6cm Cemetery Wall x2
1 x 12cm Damaged Cemetery Wall
1 x 3cm x 3cm Pipework Floor Section x3
1 x 6cm x 3cm Pipework Floor Section x3
1 x Downbelow Expansion box
1 x 3cm Pipework Wall Section x2
1 x 6cm Pipework Wall Section
1 x 6cm Pipework Double Wall Section
1 x 6cm wall Section with Door Hatch
1 x 6cm x 6cm Double Wall with Doorway
1 x 3cm x 3cm Pipework Corner Unit x4
1 x 6cm x 3cm Pipework Double Corner Unit x2
1 x Small Row Boat
1 x 3cm x 3cm Pipeblock Pillar x2
1 x 3cm x 3cm Two Walled Corner Unit x2
1 x 9cm x 6cm Side Bay A
1 x 9cm x 6cm Side Bay B
1 x 6cm x 6cm Side Bay C
1 x Heat Exchangers x2
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